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Jan 9, 2024

In a world where social commerce is redefining the way we shop, TikTok Shop has emerged as a powerhouse, boasting a user base of over 150 million users in the United States. This thriving platform, set to reach 88.7 million monthly active users by 2024, has become a focal point for merchants aiming to tap into the vast potential of social commerce.

As the social commerce landscape evolves, merchants are presented not only with the opportunity to showcase their products but also the challenge of standing out amidst the bustling crowd.

The unique features of TikTok as a social commerce platform require distinguishing product listings. This includes strategically selecting which products to sync for TikTok Shop, what information to sync, and customizing essential elements such as titles, descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory.

Merchants like you might be wondering if there is a tool that can seamlessly import product listings from their existing e-commerce stores including Shopify, Amazon, Wix, etc. They seek a solution that not only facilitates effortless integration but also allows them to set sync rules, and customize product information during the integration process. Shoppedance VeriSync emerges as the definitive answer to these needs.


The Solution: Customize Product Listing and Sync Rules for TikTok Shop with Shoppedance VeriSync

In the bustling landscape of TikTok social commerce, where each listing is a potential standout, Shoppedance VeriSync steps in as the ultimate solution. It empowers merchants to achieve effortless importing by providing a one-click solution to import product listings from their existing e-commerce stores.

What sets Shoppedance VeriSync apart is its ability to let merchants customize their product listing and product information, including titles, descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory during the integration process.

For enterprise users, we also provide customized synchronization solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Now with Shoppedance VeriSync, managing your e-commerce business across different platforms is no longer a challenge – it's an opportunity for growth.

With Shoppedance VeriSync, You are Able to
  • Select what products or variants to sync to TikTok Shop

    Shoppedance VeriSync puts the power in your hands. Choose which products or variants to sync to TikTok Shop, allowing you to curate your offerings and tailor your product selection to align with your TikTok Shop strategy.

  • Customize product titles, descriptions, and images

    In the world of social commerce, where attention spans are fleeting, titles, descriptions, and images of your products need to captivate. Shoppedance VeriSync ensures that each product stands out by allowing you to craft distinctive titles and descriptions tailored to TikTok audience.

  • Customize product sync rules

    Our app allows you to set product sync rules to meet your needs in terms of how products are synced and updated.

    You can select whether deleting a product on Shopify would remove it from TikTok Shop, whether products on TikTok Shop are auto-mapped to those on Shopify with the same SKU, and whether you want to auto-sync changes of product details made on Shopify to TikTok Shop.

  • Customize pricing sync rules

    Our app supports both overall price sync rules and individual product price customization. This means you have the freedom to craft diverse pricing strategies that align with your TikTok Shop goals.

    You can set up default price sync rules, choosing to use the sale price, compare-at price, or opt for fixed decrement, fixed increment, percent decrement, or percent increment based on your needs.

    You can also edit custom price for an individual product.

  • Customize sync rules for inventory, order, and fulfillment

    Sales on TikTok Shop will be mirrored back to other e-commerce platforms instantly and automatically to prevent inventory discrepancies. Furthermore, you can customize the inventory sync rules including the ratio of inventory synchronized to TikTok shop and low quantity threshold to avoid overselling as well as to protect your profit margins and shop health.

    You are allowed to set up order sync rules to adjust the way orders sync to the e-commerce platform. We support auto-hold TikTok Shop orders within an hour after the buyer completes the payment to avoid financial losses due to customer cancellations. Additionally, you can choose whether to sync order tax to Shopify or just subtotal and shipping fee in terms of the order details.

    If you set "Seller shipping" as your preferred shipping option, you're limited to using the approved TikTok-recommended shipping service providers. If your carrier is not supported by TikTok Shop, you have the ability to set up fulfillment sync rules to map the carrier used by your store to one of the logistics providers that are accepted by TikTok Shop. This would help to sync tracking information between both platforms without any manual intervention.

Compared with other Apps in the market

At Shoppedance, our philosophy is rooted in understanding and addressing the fundamental needs of our customers. We are committed to delivering products and services that solve real problems and add value to customers.

We've observed that many of our customers switched to ShoppeDance VeriSync due to the limitations of other products in the market.

Many connectors fall short in allowing merchants the flexibility to tailor their product listings after importing from their primary e-commerce platform. Users are restricted to the original product names and descriptions. As a result, they are forced to spend extra time manually adjusting each product's name and description on TikTok Shop, significantly diminishing efficiency.

Moreover, several alternatives lack the capability to set custom sync rules, including price and inventory sync rules. This limitation poses challenges for merchants who wish to maintain a consistent pricing strategy or sync their inventory levels seamlessly. For instance, some merchants aim to launch their TikTok Shop with another pricing strategy, such as setting all product prices at 90% of their original e-commerce platform prices. Without the ability to customize sync rules, they find themselves manually adjusting prices for all products on TikTok Shop.

Shoppedance VeriSync is dedicated to addressing these critical pain points and empowering TikTok Shop sellers. By offering customization options and sync rules, we empower businesses to streamline their operations, saving time and resources. With Shoppedance VeriSync, take control of your TikTok Shop integration and experience flexibility and efficiency in managing your product listings during the integration.

Other than customization of product listing and sync rules, Shoppedance VeriSync also offers below significant advantages compared to other products in the market:

  1. Real-time synchronization

  2. Bulk listing and editing

  3. Connection between one e-commerce platform and multiple TikTok Shops

  4. Connection between one TikTok Shop and multiple e-commerce stores

  5. Seamless TikTok Shop product mapping and migration from other connectors

  6. Flexible fulfillment options supporting 3PL & 4PL, split & merge orders

  7. 24/7 customer support and dedicated VIP service group

    To learn more about our product's advantages, please refer to Sell on TikTok Shop with Shopify/Amazon/Wix | The Ultimate Sync App ShoppeDance.

Customer Success Story: Urban Trends Apparel Leverages ShoppeDance VeriSync to Customize Product Listing for TikTok Shop

Urban Trends Apparel, a thriving fashion brand on Shopify, was in need of customization flexibility with its product listings when integrating TikTok Shop as a new sales channel, just as numerous merchants are.

This was driven by the need to align with TikTok Shop's platform regulations, cater to the unique traits of TikTok's user base, and adapt to the distinct communication approaches including live streaming under the context of content-driven e-commerce.

Successful businesses on TikTok Shop necessitate a holistic optimization of their product listings which include titles, descriptions, images, and pricing, ultimately aimed at boosting conversion rates specific to the platform's requirements.

Managing a diverse range of clothing items with unique styles and attributes, Urban Trends Apparel needed a solution that would allow them to integrate their existing business on Shopify with TikTok Shop and customize their products based on the unique traits of TikTok.

With Shoppedance VeriSync, Urban Trends Apparel found the flexibility they needed. They wanted to add more descriptions to the product titles on TikTok shop, such as material, style, etc., to facilitate more exposure when consumers search for keywords. The ability to tailor product titles and descriptions allowed them to craft compelling and unique narratives for each clothing item to attract TikTok users.

Additionally, Urban Trends Apparel, aiming for a strategic pricing approach on TikTok Shop, could seamlessly set prices at a desired percentage of their original e-commerce platform prices for their grand opening promotion on TikTok Shop. This not only saved them precious time but also ensured consistency across platforms.

In just a few weeks of using Shoppedance VeriSync, Urban Trends Apparel witnessed a notable 150% surge in sales on their TikTok Shop.

"The customization features of Shoppedance VeriSync have transformed our TikTok Shop presence. We now have the freedom to showcase our fashion items in a way that resonates with TikTok's audience. The ability to set our own pricing rules and inventory sync rules has been a game-changer," said the team at Urban Trends Apparel.


In conclusion, Shoppedance VeriSync stands out as the go-to solution for merchants navigating the dynamic landscape of TikTok Shop. The ability to customize product listings, tailor titles and descriptions, and set personalized pricing and inventory rules elevates Shoppedance VeriSync above the competition. Embrace Shoppedance VeriSync for a future where TikTok Shop success is defined by your terms.

Book a demo to explore its capabilities further and sign up for a 30-day free trial now to take your business to the next level!

For enterprise users, please contact sales for customized synchronization solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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