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Jan 1, 2024

The thriving U.S. e-commerce market presents businesses with immense opportunities. According to Statista, It was predicted that the US e-commerce market would generate a total of 614.2 billion dollars (+67.47 percent) in revenue between 2023 and 2028.

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce world, TikTok has emerged as a game-changer. In the recent Black Friday e-commerce season, all eyes were on TikTok Shop's sensational debut on the American stage: a 4x month-over-month GMV spike. a 1212% surge in the number of SKUs snapped up, a 190% surge in live commerce product views, and a 160% surge in short video product views. TikTok Shop offers brands an unprecedented platform to reach and engage with customers.

More and more merchants are trying to expand their business to TikTok Shop. However, managing across platforms can be a real headache. Have you ever run into these issues when starting on a new sales platform?

  • How do I sync my product listings without uploading them manually?

  • Is there a way to manage my inventory across different platforms to avoid overselling?

  • Can I fulfill orders from different platforms all in one place?

  • .......

You might be wondering if there's an all-in-one sync tool that can seamlessly integrate your Shopify/Amazon/Wix store with TikTok Shop and automate the process for your concerns above. Your worries end here! Shoppedance VeriSync, a game-changer in simplifying e-commerce operations and fostering seamless expansion, is your ultimate solution.

With Shoppedance, managing your listings, inventory, and orders across various platforms becomes a breeze, empowering you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Our Solution: All-In-One Sync Tool for TikTok Shop

Shoppedance is your best solution to address these challenges. For merchants who are already on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Wix, and more, we offer a convenient real-time sync tool, ShoppeDance VeriSync, for you to start selling on TikTok Shop.

ShoppeDance VeriSync ensures real-time syncing of your products, orders, and inventory. Now, managing your e-commerce business across different platforms is no longer a challenge – it's an opportunity for growth.

How It Works

How ShoppeDance VeriSync works is very straightforward.

Merchants can synchronize their existing products from other platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and Wix to TikTok Shop with a single click. Orders placed on TikTok Shop are seamlessly mirrored back to the original platform in real-time for merchants to fulfill, ensuring synchronized inventory across both platforms to prevent overselling. After orders are shipped, the tracking information will be synced to TikTok Shop.

With Shoppedance VeriSync, You are Able to
  • Import products to TikTok Shop from other platforms

    With one click, you are able to sync all your products from Shopify / Amazon / Wix to TikTok Shop. You can also map your product categories and bulk edit the product information to meet TikTok Shop's requirements.

  • Safeguard revenue with real-time inventory sync

    Sales on TikTok Shop will instantly be mirrored back to prevent inventory discrepancies. You can also set up inventory thresholds to avoid overselling, and flexible price rules to protect your profit margins.

  • Centralize order management

    Orders will be automatically synced from TikTok Shop back to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Wix. This allows merchants to maintain their existing workflow and centralize order fulfillment. Logistics information will be synced to TikTok Shop once orders are shipped.

Compared with Other Apps in the Market

Compared to other products in the market, Shoppedance offers significant advantages:

  1. Real-time synchronization

    Our product ensures real-time and efficient synchronization and updates of products, inventory, and orders across platforms to prevent overselling. This not only safeguards against financial losses but also ensures the shop health and stability of your store.

  2. Bulk listing and editing

    We streamline your product management process by allowing bulk listing and editing through customized default settings and category templates. Moreover, Shoppedance accommodates the diverse requirements of TikTok Shop for product information, including dimensions, weight, and specific attributes unique to each category.

  3. Sync rules customization

    We allow merchants the flexibility to customize prices, titles, descriptions, and inventory when listing products. Unlike many competitors, we offer both default sync rules and individual product customization options.

  4. Connection between one e-commerce platform and multiple TikTok Shops

    We support connecting multiple TikTok Shops to one Shopify, Amazon, or Wix store, enabling unified management of products, orders, and inventory across various categories and sub-brands on one single platform. Only on ShoppeDance VeriSync!

  5. Connection between one TikTok Shop and multiple e-commerce stores

    We also support connecting one TikTok Shop to multiple stores such as Shopify, Amazon, and Wix. This feature caters to the unique needs of MCNs or agencies managing multiple diverse supply sources.

  6. Seamless mapping and migration

    If you already have products selling on TikTok Shop or if you are transferring from another connector app, Shoppedance facilitates a smooth transition by allowing existing TikTok Shop listings to map to corresponding products on Shopify, Amazon, and Wix.

  7. Automated product image and description formatting

    Shoppedance goes the extra mile by automatically converting images from Shopify, Amazon, and Wix into the required format for TikTok Shop. Our platform eliminates the need for manual editing.

  8. Flexible fulfillment options

    Shoppedance is the only app in the market that allows merchants to utilize 3PL and 4PL fulfillment options. We ensure synchronized inventory management between TikTok Shop and other platforms, preventing overselling. Additionally, we provide an exclusive feature that allows you to split and merge orders.

  9. 24/7 customer support and dedicated VIP service group

    We value our customers and our dedicated team is ready to assist you 24/7 with a commitment to responding within 1 minute and resolving issues within 24 hours. Your success is our priority.

Customer Success Story: How CardCraze Leverages ShoppeDance VeriSync to Streamline the Business

September 2023 marked a pivotal moment for CardCraze, a thriving business on Shopify specializing in collectible trading cards, as they ventured into the world of TikTok Shop. Seeking a seamless integration solution for their nearly 1,000 products, they turned to Shoppedance.

With Shoppedance's user-friendly platform, CardCraze effortlessly connected its Shopify store to TikTok Shop, ensuring a smooth transition and unified operations across platforms.

With nearly 1,000 products, they effortlessly imported 600 selected items to TikTok Shop using ShoppeDance VeriSync. Using the bulk editing feature, they streamlined their workflow, eliminating the need to manually edit each product individually.

Not only did CardCraze successfully establish its presence on TikTok Shop, but it also achieved operational excellence. With Shoppedance, they efficiently handle an average of 2000 TikTok Shop orders each month on Shopify without any overselling issues.

"ShoppeDance has revolutionized the way we manage our e-commerce business. Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface have significantly streamlined our operations. We've experienced increased efficiency, and the team's prompt customer support has been invaluable." says Derek, the owner of CardCraze.


Shoppedance's mission is to help every merchant manage their e-commerce business more effortlessly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and avoid out-of-stock sales. With VeriSync, order fulfillment becomes effortless, making it a reliable and powerful ally for your TikTok Shop business. Streamline your operations, fuel business growth, and elevate your store to become a top seller with us!

Book a demo to explore its capabilities further and sign up for a 30-day free trial now to take your e-commerce business to the next level!

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