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Jan 15, 2024

The digital revolution has reshaped the way we shop, with e-commerce and social commerce taking center stage. In this trend, TikTok emerges as a prominent player on the rise. TikTok Shop set its GMV target for 2024 at US$50 billion, over 1x of its 2023 GMV target of US$20 billion. According to Modern Retail, there are 200,000 merchants on TikTok Shop currently.

Amidst this thriving environment, businesses with stores on other e-commerce platforms face a common challenge and desire for innovative solutions.

Merchants aspire to expand their reach and enhance visibility on TikTok Shop by opening multiple stores. Additionally, there is a growing need for leveraging the extensive product categories present on their existing e-commerce platforms. Sellers aim to strategically split these categories into distinct TikTok Shops, creating sub-brands to target specific markets and drive revenue growth effectively. The operational challenge is also obvious. Running multiple shops can require multiple accounts for multiple staff, which may lead to inefficiencies and manual errors due to a lack of centralized control.

Navigating through these complexities demands a solution that not only meets the aspirations of businesses but also provides a competitive edge. This is where Shoppedance VeriSync steps in—offering a unique and indispensable feature that revolutionizes the way you manage products, orders, and inventory across diverse categories and sub-brands.

The Solution: Manage Multiple TikTok Shops with One E-commerce Store under One Main Account Using Shoppedance VeriSync

Enter ShoppeDance VeriSync— the ultimate solution designed to streamline multichannel management and address the pain points associated with operating multiple TikTok Shops.

With ShoppeDance VeriSync, businesses gain more control by connecting one e-commerce store (Shopify, Amazon, Wix, etc.) to multiple TikTok Shops and managing them all at once within one main account. This exclusive feature serves as the linchpin for efficient and centralized control across diverse product categories and sub-brands.

With Shoppedance VeriSync, You are Able to
  • Connect multiple TikTok Shops to one e-commerce store

    If you run a store on certain e-commerce platforms, whether it be on Shopify, Amazon, or Wix, you can open multiple TikTok Shops with your single store. Connections can be built between the existing store and those TikTok Shops within one account.

  • Achieve unified management across platforms

    Manage all aspects of your TikTok Shops, including products, orders, and inventory, effortlessly from one e-commerce store. Everything will be synced automatically and in real time, empowering merchants to take full control of the business without worrying about switching back and forth between platforms. This streamlined approach ensures efficient and effective operation, enabling sellers to focus on strategic growth rather than navigating complex multi-platform intricacies.

  • Manage main account and sub-accounts

    For teams with different members responsible for managing different TikTok Shops, Shoppedance VeriSync provides a solution through main and sub-account functionalities. The main account holder can invite other team members as sub-accounts, allowing the main account to assign distinct store connections to each sub-account. This ensures streamlined collaboration and efficient management across multiple TikTok Shop stores.

Compared with Other Apps in the Market

At ShoppeDance, our philosophy centers on understanding and addressing the fundamental needs of our customers. Many businesses have transitioned to ShoppeDance VeriSync due to the limitations of other products in the market.

Understanding sellers' pain points, we introduced the exclusive feature—connecting one e-commerce store to multiple TikTok Shops. Only available on ShoppeDance!

Shoppedance VeriSync also offers below significant advantages compared to other products in the market:

  1. Real-time synchronization

  2. Bulk listing and editing

  3. Sync rules customization including product sync rules, price sync rules, inventory sync rules, and fulfillment sync rules

  4. Connection between one TikTok Shop and multiple e-commerce stores

  5. Seamless TikTok Shop product mapping and migration from other connectors

  6. Flexible fulfillment options supporting 3PL & 4PL, split & merge orders

  7. 24/7 customer support and dedicated VIP service group

To learn more about our product's advantages, please refer to Sell on TikTok Shop with Shopify/Amazon/Wix | The Ultimate Sync App ShoppeDance.

Customer Success Story: How HomeHub Leverages ShoppeDance VeriSync to run

HomeHub has been running the business on Shopify in the home and lifestyle sector since 2013. With an established presence in the e-commerce landscape, the brand recognized the potential of TikTok Shop as a new and dynamic sales channel when it entered the e-commerce market in the United States.

In response to TikTok Shop's unique features and audience dynamics, HomeHub decided to explore this platform and implemented distinct strategies different from its approach on Shopify. The team decided to open five distinct TikTok Shops, each dedicated to a specific product category - kitchenware, home decor, bedding, bathroom accessories, and lighting, leveraging their extensive range of product categories and types from their Shopify store.

The complex task of efficiently managing five distinct TikTok Shops emerged. Juggling between these diverse ventures posed a significant operational challenge, with each TikTok Shop having its unique set of products and orders. This led to an increase in manual workload, a higher probability of errors, and decreased efficiency. Their performance on TikTok Shop also fell short of expectations.

Upon embracing the transformative capabilities of ShoppeDance VeriSync, HomeHub was able to connect all five TikTok Shops to their central Shopify store. This specific integration streamlined their operational structure, offering a consolidated view of products, orders, and inventory. This strategic move not only simplified their day-to-day operations but also significantly reduced the manual workload associated with managing multiple TikTok Shops. HomeHub thus gained a competitive advantage by efficiently handling a diverse range of TikTok Shops simultaneously.

"We are extremely pleased with the seamless integration provided by ShoppeDance VeriSync. Managing five TikTok Shops has never been easier. The unified view and streamlined operations have not only saved us time but also allowed us to strategically grow our business across various product categories," says Andrew, the operation manager of HomeHub.


In conclusion, ShoppeDance VeriSync offers the exclusive feature of connecting one e-commerce store to multiple TikTok Shops. This capability unlocks new dimensions for businesses, offering a centralized hub for streamlined operations and strategic control.

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