TikTok Daily: Your Daily Dose of TikTok Trends (Dec 25, 2023-Dec 31, 2023)

Dec 31, 2023

Explore this week's TikTok news in our latest edition of TikTok Daily. From industry dynamics to viral trends, we've gathered the top business highlights from December 25th to December 31st.

  1. TikTok Influences Spending Patterns: 75% Dominated by Gen Z Women

    Among TikTok users, 75% are Gen Z women, as per survey data. TikTok significantly influences the spending habits of the younger generation, with over 8 billion views under #TikTokmademebuyit.

    Reports reveal that 75% of Gen Z women actively engage with TikTok, surpassing their male counterparts, who make up 62% of the platform's users.

  2. TikTok's Pet Chicken Craze: Over 370 Million Views for #PetChicken

    TikTok has witnessed an astounding 375 million views on videos tagged with #PetChickens. This surge in interest also correlates with a significant uptick in sales for chicken-related products during this period.

  3. TikTok's Holiday Buzz: Over 700 Million Views, US GMV Surpasses $12 Million

    TikTok's holiday-themed content has captured over 700 million views, contributing to a remarkable surge in the U.S. Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), exceeding $12 million. The daily average GMV in the U.S. market surpasses $12 million, with a peak of $33 million during Black Friday.

    Influencer-driven sales dominate 80% of the total, while live streams constitute 5%, and the combination of self-operated advertising and the marketplace accounts for the remaining 15%. Short videos and live broadcasts emerge as the primary sources of GMV in TikTok's U.S. e-commerce sector.

  4. TikTok's Christmas Sensation: High Demand for Christmas Toys

    TikTok is witnessing a surge in demand for Christmas toys, notably the toy train that has gained immense popularity on the platform. Relevant content related to this toy has gained an impressive 63.2 million views and over 1.5 million likes.

    The toy's popularity is not limited to TikTok alone; it continues to grow across various platforms. Notably, one model has achieved remarkable success, with sales nearing 20,000 units on TEMU.

  5. TikTok Drives Sales: Amazon's Christmas Toys Fly off the Shelves

    Amazon experienced a sell-out of Christmas toys propelled by TikTok promotions. The influence of TikTok led to the depletion of several products on Amazon, including:

    • Crayola Globbles (30,000+ sold)

    • Taco Cat goat cheese pizza card game (100,000+ sold)

    • Barbie Dream House (80,000+ sold)

    • Hasbro Connect 4 board game (100,000+ sold)

    • TeeTurtle octopus plush toy (9,000+ sold)

  6. TikTok's Digital Frame Hit: Weekly Sales Soar to Nearly $700,000

    TikTok witnessed a surge in the weekly sales of a digital frame, reaching close to $700,000. This product gained prominence through an influencer's livestream featuring a Christmas reunion theme.

    Over the past seven days, a total of 8,700 units were sold, with the engagement of 45 influencers linked to 63 related products, contributing to the impressive weekly sales volume of $665,0100.

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