Beachwaver is Making Waves on TikTok Shop with Over US$38 Million In Sales

Jan 18, 2024

Last September, TikTok opened up a whole new world with the introduction of TikTok Shop in the U.S. This move allowed brands, merchants, and creators to sell products directly through engaging videos and live streams on the For You Page.

In just three months, a standout eCommerce brand, made headlines with these impressive stats:

  • Total sales reached US$38 million+

  • Over 110,000 items sold

  • Exposure through 2 billion branded hashtags

This brand is called Beachwaver — Beachwaver was founded in 2010 by hairstylist Sarah Potempa and her sisters Erin Potempa-Wall and Emily Potempa. What distinguishes it from other curling irons is its patented rotating barrel technology. Established with a vision to redefine hairstyling, Beachwaver has not only become a household name but also a dominant player in the curling iron market.

According to ShoppeDance ViralTrend, the #1 TikTok Shop data insight software, BeachWaver had 20.2k and $1.1M in the last 7 days. BeachWaver had $62.5M total revenue as of January 2024.

This success wasn't accidental. The Beachwaver team from Libertyville, Illinois, had a well-thought-out plan, one that's helped them achieve what you read in the news media's headline today like "US$2 million sales in half a month" and "40,000 weekly sales for a single product on TikTok."

In the pages ahead, we're going to take a closer look at what makes Beachwaver's marketing strategy so successful — what strategies you can steal from them. From the launch of their TikTok Shop powerhouse to the viral creator campaigns, and their market sensitivity to understanding customer behaviors in the competitive beauty and hairstyling industry.

Are you ready to explore the three key pillars that form the backbone of Beachwaver's thriving marketing approach?

TikTok Shop — Beachwaver's eCommerce Powerhouse

The TikTok Shop is like hitting the jackpot for folks selling stuff online in the US. It's this cool mashup of TikTok's way of helping you discover things and a built-in store for buying them – basically, a whole new vibe for online shopping.

And guess what? There's a bunch of ways to sell your products with TikTok Shop. Think live shows that feel like a party on your phone, clickable ads that pop up, and more. Now, let's chat about how savvy brands like the Beachwaver Co. are making the most of TikTok Shop to put their products out there on your FYP.

If you've scrolled through TikTok a lot, there's a good chance you've seen the Beachwaver content, that fancy curling iron everyone's buzzing about. You just slap it on your hair, hit a button, and voila, your hair's got those perfect curls – and it does the job faster than other brands out there.

Steal these strategies from Beachwaver and integrate them into your TikTok Shop
  • In-Feed Video:

Beachwaver transforms In-Feed Videos into an interactive shopping experience. They place a price tag on TikTok video, allowing viewers to instantly click and secure the featured product while watching the content.

  • LIVE Shopping:

Picture showcasing Beachwaver's products in real-time, where viewers can tap to purchase while engaging in live discussions with others.

  • Shop Tab:

Your favorite Beachwaver products find a home in the Shop Tab, a dedicated space within the TikTok marketplace. Users can browse, discover deals, and conveniently manage their orders—all within the Beachwaver TikTok Shop.

  • Shop Ads:

Beachwaver knows how to make their mark with Shop Ads on TikTok, ensuring that their store shines bright in the lively TikTok community. Here's a neat example: when the holiday shopping frenzy hits, especially during events like Black Friday, Beachwaver rolls out an impressive campaign. Take, for instance, their latest one featuring the beloved Beachwaver Curling Iron. It's not just about grabbing attention; it's about creating a buzz and making sure their TikTok community gets the best deals during the festive season.

TikTok Branded Hashtag 🔥

According to TikTok data, Beachwaver has a total view of 1.7B as of January 2024. Here's why you should try branded hashtag like Beachwaver:

  1. User-Generated Content (UGC) Showcase: Encourage the use of branded hashtags to boost engagement, creating an authentic community and collecting content that showcases genuine customer experiences.

  2. Campaign Tracking and Valuable Insights: Leverage branded hashtags for measurable campaign tracking, gaining valuable insights into consumer sentiments and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  3. Viral Amplification: Crafted thoughtfully, branded hashtags possess the potential to go viral, significantly amplifying brand messaging and overall reach.

  4. Enhanced Discoverability and Reach: Branded hashtags not only enhance content discoverability but also extend your brand's reach to a broader audience.

  5. Social Listening for Customer Engagement: Monitor branded hashtags for real-time customer feedback, utilizing social listening to enhance customer service, promptly address concerns, and maintain positive brand interactions.

Elevating Success through Market Sensitivity and Offering Customer-Centric Products

According to ShoppeDance ViralTrend, the #1 TikTok Shop data insight software, Beachwaver's Top 3 TikTok’s best-selling products are 1) Beachwaver B1 Rotating Curling Iron, 2) Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hair Spray + Second Chance Dry Shampoo Bundle, and 3) Beachwaver B1 Rotating Curling Iron as of January 2024.

Check out the Beachwaver B1 Rotating Curling Iron as an example. You can find all the cool stuff about it—like what category it falls into, how much commission creator can get, the total number of orders people have made, the total cash it's raked in, and a bunch more details. It's like a sneak peek into everything you'd want to know about this awesome product!

Oh, and guess what? You can also check out the cool creators and videos that have given a shoutout to Beachwaver's products. How awesome is that?

In the world of beauty and hairstyling, Beachwaver isn't just a brand – it's become a powerhouse, winning the hearts of customers and reaching levels of success that are hard to match. What's interesting is that it all started with three women who shared a belief in taking on the responsibility of creating products that bring positive vibes only. They are fueled by a dedication to research and development, keep pushing the boundaries of innovation. This commitment has given rise to a hair-focused company that specializes in selling not just curling irons but also vegan hair care products.

Beachwaver understands customers' pain points, they carry a range of tools depending on your needs:

The Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron, a famous TikTok product, is not just your regular styling tool. It's the secret to achieving that salon-fresh look, whether you're into beachy waves or glamorous curls, all without leaving your home.

Now, there are two series to choose from. The S Series, available in ¾-inch, 1-inch (the one I have), and 1¼-inch, offers versatility with two speed options and a temperature range from 290ºF to 410ºF. On the flip side, the B Series, priced at $99, has a fixed rotation speed, comes in 1-inch only, and features three heat settings: 290ºF, 350ºF, and 410ºF.

If you're a fan of well-defined waves, textured waves, Old Hollywood waves, mermaid waves, or any curl or wave in between, the Beachwaver has got you covered.

Picture from NJ True Jersey

Creator Marketing, with a Spotlight on TikTok

In an era where creators hold significant sway over consumer preferences, Beachwaver strategically leveraged the power of TikTok creator marketing. Partnering with beauty influencers and hairstylists, Beachwaver creates a wave of content that showcases the versatility and effectiveness of their products and provides viewers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

TikTok, being a visual-centric platform, proved to be the perfect stage for your product demonstrations and testimonials, you can use tool like ShoppeDance ViralTrend, the #1 TikTok Shop data insight software to identify trending keywords and content on TikTok for paid advertising and potential creators for collaboration.

The Beachwaver brand relies heavily on an affiliate marketing approach with generous commissions, offering TikTok influencers a maximum of 20% commission for promoting their products. Furthermore, individual users who register receive lucrative commission rewards for every shared product recommendation, fostering quick spread on the TikTok platform and the rapid rise of popular items. Additionally, there is a 50% discount available for first-time orders.

Beyond paid ads and influencer partnerships, Beachwaver's commitment to producing high-quality, engaging content on its social media channels has been a driving force behind its success. The brand recognized the importance of not just selling a product but also creating a community around it. Through tutorials, styling tips, and user-generated content, Beachwaver fostered a sense of belonging among its customer base.

Beachwaver's journey to becoming the top curling iron company in the United States is a testament to its strategic marketing initiatives and commitment to embracing the digital landscape. By mastering the art of social media paid ads, capitalizing on the influence of TikTok, and consistently delivering engaging content, Beachwaver has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its customers. As the brand continues to ride the wave of success, its story serves as a blueprint for aspiring companies looking to make a splash in the competitive world of beauty and hairstyling.

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